Pilates, what is it?

Pilates is about balance. A balance between mind and body, stability and flow, between effort and achievement. It is a body conditioning system that works by releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles thereby balancing and realigning the whole body. The main focus of the Pilates method is to strengthen the core stability muscles; the muscles responsible for toning the stomach and supporting the spine.

The exercises are performed with control and precision paying particular attention to body alignment. Over time ones body awareness increases and posture and muscle tone improves.

Body Control Pilates® builds on the eight basic principles developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's, but where his New York studio catered for dancers and athletes, the Body Control method has modified the classical matwork exercises to make Pilates accessible to anyone.

Whether you are a newcomer to exercise, recovering from injury or want to enhance your current fitness programme, Pilates is suitable for all levels and all ages. It is especially beneficial during and after pregnancy.

Classes are kept small so your teacher can correct you and provide a safe teaching environment. Classes are offered in blocks so that your practice is progressive and you work up to more challenging exercises safely and at a pace suitable for you.

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