Curiouser and Curiouser…

Dawn Hathaway, Pilates teacher at FWD-Pilates, pilates classes in South LondonKeep reading and you have taken the first step to joining a Fwd>>pilates class. I offer group classes and private tuition, either mat based or on the reformer. Classes are open to anyone with patience, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. The rest is technique and with practice can be learnt. For some this works best on a 1-to-1 basis, others do better in a group environment and together we will find what works best for you. My intention is to help you achieve your aims whether its recovering from injury, preparing for pregnancy or simply wanting to improve your physical ability and appearance.

Whether you are an accountant or an artist, parent or retired, there is a class for you and we will find the right entry level so that you can experience the amazing benefits of Pilates for yourself.

If you still havent satisfied your curiosity please feel welcome to call me.

FWD>>pilates is evolving with the introduction of a new class for cancer patients. Having recently had major surgery for a rare type of cancer called Pseudomyxoma peritoneii I understand how important it is to be prepared mentally and physically for surgery. Coping with energy drops or emotional dips can be draining and demoralising and the right level of exercise is hugely beneficial to spiritual and physical wellbeing.